Streamline Your Content Marketing by Effectively Repurposing Your Content

Content Marketing is a valuable way to reach audiences with your work, but it can consume an inordinate amount of time and energy.

Streamline your efforts by effectively repurposing the valuable content you’ve already created. The first step to saving time and energy with content marketing is to create a content library — an organized list of topics you’ve covered and articles you’ve written. If you have more than 20 blog posts in WordPress, creating this content library manually could take hours.

We’ve created a tool that scans your WordPress blog and creates an organized listing of your archived posts, including categories, to save you time in cataloging your work. It also simultaneously creates a library of social media updates that promote interest in your legacy content.

Once you access this content library, you can super-charge your content marketing efforts, supplementing your new and in-the-moment content sharing with posts that bring attention to your archives.

You can also:

  • easily find posts on relevant topics, and reshape your content into new articles, videos, images, and more. This approach will save you valuable time and energy.
  • use your marketing time to creatively infuse new life into your previously created content.
  • expose your new audiences to work that’s been virtually hidden in your blog archives, adding significant value over time.

Our Content Library Automator
Makes This Possible (and Easy)!

If you are using content to market your business or book and have a WordPress blog with more than 20 posts in the archives, our Content Library Automator will provide a valuable tool to cut your effort in organizing and creating content, including social media posts.


If you've been blogging for a year or several years,
you've accumulated a wealth of content.
Are you making the most of your investment?

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind DONE FOR YOU resource. When you purchase access to our Content Library Automator, we’ll send you a Google Spreadsheet containing an organized catalog of every blog post from your WordPress blog, including title, author, category, and link. You can easily sort this information to quickly get a view of the wealth of content you’ve created.

Our Content Library Automator also creates templated social media posts to highlight your archived content. Within your Google Spreadsheet, you’ll find 5 different tweets for each blog post.

We’ll also update your Content Library quarterly, so you have an ongoing asset to use in planning your marketing efforts.

The Top 4 Ways to Use Your Automated Content Library

Here are 4 ways You Can Use Your Content Library:

  1. Daily Social Posting: Incoporating social posts to return attention to your archived content is a valuable service to your audience. Our Content Library Automator will create hundreds of social posts that you can copy, paste, and schedule, sending traffic to the hidden treasures of content in your archives.
  2. Create Email Marketing Messages in Half the Time: Within your archives are dozens of posts that can be gently reshaped to share valuable messages with your email list. By using your content library, you can quickly identify topics of interest, click to the posts on your site, and copy/paste/rewrite into email copy that will add value to your audiences.
  3. Spark inspiration for new content types: If you’re dabbling with creating video for Facebook live, YouTube, or IG TV, you can quickly find a topic area within your content library. Once you review the post, you can create a quick outline and start broadcasting. Include the link to the original post in the comments for people who want to review the content in written form.
  4. Create a bigger project from your old posts: Reviewing your archives is a valuable exercise if you have a book project in mind. You may find a bigger pattern or topic area and being able to access your old posts easily can help you jumpstart a book project.

Becky RobinsonHi, I’m Becky.

I’ve worked with dozens of authors and thought leaders on content marketing.

One of the places people get stuck is in thinking that effective content marketing requires you to constantly create new content.

However, most of the people we work with have been creating content for years (or decades) and much of their previously created content has been set aside. It’s hidden/buried in the archives of their blogs.

My team and I created our Content Library Automator to help people uncover the hidden value in their blog archives so that they can effectively reuse and repurpose their previously created content in order to add value to their audiences while saving time on content marketing. You are wealthy with content! It’s time to get a return on your content creation efforts.

When we send you your Content Library, it’s the first step in increasing your ability to effectively repurpose your content to reach people with the value you’ve been creating. I look forward to hearing about the time you save and the joy you experience when you bring your previous work to the world in ways that help and inform others.

Questions about the Content Library Automator? Email me and I’d be happy to chat!

Here's What Your Purchase Includes:

  • A Custom Content Library: We’ll send you a link in Google Drive to a spreadsheet that contains a catalog of your WordPress blog posts. We’ll provide 3 more updates, one each quarter for an entire year of support. (You’ll then have the chance to extend for future updates.)
  • A Library of Social Media Posts: Your Google Spreadsheet will have an extensive collection of templated social media posts — 5 for each blog post. We’ll also update this each quarter.
  • BONUS: We’ve added four extra tabs to help you capture content beyond your WordPress blog, organize your content marketing calendars, and map out daily and weekly posting plans.
  • Get Additional Help Through a Content Marketing Consultation: Looking for direction on how to save time by repurposing your existing content? Sign up for a one hour consultation with Becky Robinson at a special low price.

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